Brand guidelines for photography startup Vanvero


In August 2014, I was tasked with developing Vanvero's brand. Vanvero was a photography gear startup company that sold a marquée product known as the Camvertible, a compact camera stabilizer that provides photographers with excellent mobility and smooth footage. I designed the company's logo, and created a set of guidelines that encompassed Vanvero's values, voice, and image.


Branding is hugely important to me, and it's way more than just graphic design. Although Vanvero initially insisted that they just wanted a logo, I convinced them to let me create an identity that was more than simply visual. I began by meeting with the company's CEO in order to talk about Vanvero's goals, aspirations, and values.

What came of this meeting was the idea was that the gear that Vanvero produced solved real problems and could be made available for anyone. "Empower users, not the camera" was a phrase I jotted down to synthesize what I had learned in the meeting.

At the same time, I began sketching possible ideas for the logo. Given Vanvero's focus on empowering their customers, I worked on easy-to-understand, trustworthy logos, mostly focused on the letter 'V' (the easiest thing to associate with the name Vanvero).

The initial meeting sketches, denoting the brand's values and mission.

My initial meeting notes showed that Vanvero wanted to "empower users, not the camera". The brand needed to appear trustworthy, so I determined that an easy-to-understand, simple logo would fit best.

Mockups of a possible Vanvero logo, riffing off of a 'double V' theme.

After one of the sketches seemed to resonate with Vanvero's CEO, I created several mockups for possible logos, based off of a "double V" theme.

The final logo is incredibly simple, made up of just 4 lines and the logo's text - its simplicity and elegance communicates the brand's reliability and trustworthiness to consumers. With the logo and colour scheme in place, I selected clean and readable typefaces and colours to design Vanvero's brand guideline book. The brand book followed the logo's lead - short, simple, and to the point, letting the content speak for itself. Photographs taken from the CEO's own portfolio were used to emphasize the company's focus on great photography.

Vanvero's logo, in four different colour treatments.

The logo is very simple - four lines and the brand name - but accurately represents the brand's reliability and trustworthiness. The V-shape stands in for Vanvero's name, and the cool blue represents trustworthiness and energy, all in one. Monochromatic logo treatments are also permitted if necessary.

A page from Vanvero's brand guidelines, touting the brand's vision, mission, and brand essence. A photo taken from a mountaintop is on the right-hand side.

Vanvero's brand guidelines are right-to-the-point, clearly stating the company's mission, vision, and brand essence. The photo on the right was taken by the CEO from Vancouver's Stawamus Chief mountain, emphasizing both the company's dedication to great photography as well as its Vancouver-based roots.

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Although Vanvero didn't quite take off, they were impressed with the brand guidelines, and thought that they did an excellent job of representing the company's values.

The brand guidelines were also selected as one of Content Harmony's 36 Great Brand Guideline Examples for their minimalism and conciseness. The fact that Vanvero's brand guidelines are being displayed alongside the brand guidelines of powerhouse companies such as LinkedIn, ESPN, and Uber is an incredibly humbling experience, to say the least.

Seriously! I'm right next to Uber!

The Vanvero logo against a light blue background.
Different ways the Vanvero logo can be used, including colour combinations, and logotype/logomark combinations.
The main typefaces of the Vanvero brand.
The main colours of the Vanvero brand.
The voice guidelines of the Vanvero brand.
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