Carnarvon Cougars

Redesigning the Carnarvon Community School logo


In July 2015, I had the honour of helping Carnarvon Community School redefine its identity. One of my key tasks was to redesign Carnarvon Community School's logo and update the look for a new generation, without abandoning the heritage of the old logo. I worked closely with Colin Chan, a teacher from Carnarvon Community School, at multiple points throughout the design process to ensure that my work stayed true to the vibrant Carnarvon Community School spirit.

While working on the Carnarvon Cougars logo redesign, I also helped to design and brand the school's new Learn + Lead + Lift Up program.

The Process

The old logo was a cartoony cougar halfheartedly waving a flag - not exactly fitting for an exuberant, athletics-focused elementary school! I was tasked with bringing energy to the logo while staying true to the cougar mascot and the original yellow-and-maroon colour scheme. Given Carnarvon's strong athletics program, the prospective logo would likely become the focal point of school jerseys as well. To that end, I focused on redesigning an up-to-date school logo that could be purposed for sports teams as well.

I'd like to have the logo printed on a purple base in dark yellow and maroon similar to the current colour scheme. I'd like to make the logo more aggressive.
Colin Chan, Carnarvon Community School teacher, on the design requirements for the logo
The old Carnarvon Community School logo, featuring a cartoon cougar waving a flag encircled by the words 'Carnarvon Cougars'.

The Old Logo: This cartoony cougar didn't match the dynamic vibrancy of Carnarvon Community School. And yes, this was the highest resolution file that existed.

Firstly, I focused on aggressive, angular geometry to make the cougar more dynamic. I also subtly increased the vibrancy of the colour palette while still conforming to the classic yellow-and-maroon. Finally, I changed the font to Ailerons, a taller, more angular font that emphasized the cougar's aggressiveness. Every choice added up to a far more vicious, ready-to-pounce cougar that better represented the school's vibrancy, without totally abandoning the heritage of the original logo.

The new Carnarvon Community School logo, featuring a vicious cougar encircled by the words 'Carnarvon Cougars'.

The New Logo: The new logo utilizes a more aggressive depiction of a cougar, more vibrant colours, and a more angular typeface to express the school's high energy.


The new Carnarvon Cougars logo was an instant hit with the students and staff, who now want to wear their Carnarvon school spirit on their literal sleeves.

An order of t-shirts has been sold to students and staff, with the Carnarvon Cougars logo on the front, and the Learn + Lead + Lift Up logo on the upper back. It's been pretty amazing to see my work go from a concept to a shirt that students and staff are paying to wear!

Front and back mockups of the soon-to-be-produced Carnarvon Cougars t-shirts. Branding components of the Carnarvon Cougar, including the logo, font, and colours.

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